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CJ ONE Prism Shinhan Card tops 10,000 issuances i...

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CJ ONE Prism Shinhan Card tops 10,000 issuances in a month

CJ OliveNetworks said on Tuesday that its ‘CJ ONE Prism Shinhan Card,’ a specialized private label credit card PLCC tailored for its membership service, topped 10,000 issuances in the month since its release.

According to the company, customers who applied for this card were predominantly in their 30s and 40s, constituting 74 percent of the total applicants. In terms of gender distribution, males in their 30s were the predominant group at 22 percent.

This trend highlights a growing interest among men in their 30s, particularly in membership services and credit card benefits, which is increasingly being tied in with financial planning, according to the company.

The company attributed the card’s popularity to its high bonus point rate and a wide array of affiliated partners. The card offers special point accumulations of up to 30 percent at CJ’s dining brands including VIPS, Tous Les Jours, and CGV, while Olive Young provides a 10 percent point bonus. Additionally, a 3 percent general accumulation service is available across CJ’s seven brands and 0.3 percent of spending at all Shinhan Card-affiliated merchant stores accumulates as CJ ONE membership points.

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